October 22, 2008

My Friends!!

So I promised - and I delivered! I finally have a picture with some of my new Midland friends! I LOVE that this picture is of probably my two closest friends in Midland - Whitney and Allison! Whitney was the first Midland friend I met and she has introduced me to so many great Midland families and people. We have so much fun together whatever we do - I absolutely love my Whit! Allison (on the right) and I met through a bible study this summer and her and her sweet husband Casey are in our COM (community) group through church. She is such a sweet friend and I am so blessed to have her in my life too :) YAY for friends!!!!!!!!!!!
We did NOT plan the sweater vest/long tee thing.....but we do sorta all look alike (people all over town think Whit and I look/act alike....what a compliment!)

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  1. love you wynne!!! sooo thankful for you and blessed to call you my friend!! :)


thanks for the love!