February 25, 2009

she's ready for her closeup!

Sooooo - when I got home today from work Stephen insisted that I go outside and see what Milly did in the backyard.....

This is what I saw

Apparently Stephen gave her an old dog bed to "lay on" and this is what she did. I was dying laughing and had to take a picture - she she was ready to pose! It's like she's proud of what she did. Too funny!

Guess she's not ready for a dog bed afterall....

More to come tomorrow on our fabulous weekend in Waco!

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  1. Don't you just love em when they do that! haha. Seth is staying with us temporarily and his dog and our dog have destroyed plants, beds, side of the garage... everything. Lucy even prefers to sit on top of our patio table! Nice. Take Care and glad you are feeling better!


thanks for the love!