April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to our sweet Milly girl!!!!

Today Milly is ONE YEAR OLD!  Happy birthday to Milly!
Her day started at about 5:15am when mommy was leaving to go meet a friend to walk and she was randomly asleep on the ground in the living room - so she got to come with me!  We had a great workout that was supposed to be walking, but we pretty much were sprinting!!  My calfs are sore....

Daddy took her to the groomer and she got her nails clipped, bathed, groomed?, and she smells and feels wonderful!  We picked her up after I got home from school and then we took her to Pets Mart to buy her a few new toys!!  

She was one spoiled puppy.....

I started writing an "Ode to Milly" today, and didn't finish.  So, we'll just list some of the things our sweet girl likes to do:

She loves to snuggle
She loves to greet us when we get home
She loves to mess with her sister Babgy
She loves to dig holes in the backyard
She loves to watch TV, especially Dancing with the Stars
She loves to take a walk or a run
She loves to meet new people
She loves little kids
She loves her aunts
She loves her uncles PJ and Bob
She loves to play ball
She loves to go to the lake
Most of all - she LOVES her mommy and daddy!!!

I wish I had pictures, but I haven't transfered them to my new computer - so if you must...

We love our Milly girl!!!

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