September 9, 2009

Lake Allen Henry!!

A few weekends ago we headed out of town to the Zachry's lake house on Lake Allen Henry - it was BEAUTIFUL. I can't believe there is a lake so pretty in west Texas! The Z's were perfect hosts and we had a very fun and eventful weekend. This was the first of 3 lake weekends in a row for Stephen and I and for sure the most eventful. Friday night we had a great dinner outside and stayed up telling our engagement stories - so fun to reminisce!

Saturday was a busy day on the lake - we packed up and headed out for a packed 7 hours on the water. Everyone wake boarded (even me!) and we had some very impressive runs. We had a great time on the water and finished off the night with a yummy meal and cupcakes for Casey's birthday!! I thought it was really cool that at 3 pm all of our phones in the house went off - our daily pray for baby z- and Casey's mom was trying to turn them all off - what an amazing group of friends we have!

Sunday, impressively 7 out of 10 of us got up a went RUNNING at 7am. Mine/Allison/Caseys run was 9 miles..longest I've ever run. I made it with the encouragement of my friends! Laura was kick butt and ran almost 11!! crazy...we are a very active group of friends! Sunday we had a great breakfast and spent the day on the lake again - so much fun! More wake boarding, tubing, wake skating, wake surfing, and just cruising in the boat. My fave was tubing backwards while watching the guys wake board - very fun! All in all it was a GREAT weekend. Check out the fun pics :)

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