November 24, 2009

Half Marathon - San Antonio style

Two weekends ago (right after Tahoe trip) I ran in my first half marathon in San Antonio. It was such a great experience, something I will never forget. It was so fun to have friends there that I have trained with so many early mornings. Saturday night the Kunkels, Zachrys, Elders and parents went to dinner - it was so fun for all the parents to meet, and we ate lots of yummy Italian food. Sunday I got up and met Whitney and Cecile in the lobby for breakfast and coffee and then Stephen dropped us off around 6 am at the race - we had some time to kill, but enjoyed people watching. We all started together and were excited and nervous! Whitney and I ran the whole time together and I am SO THANKFUL for her. She really pushed me at the end and I was so grateful. Here is an update I sent to family the next day:

I ran the entire time and finished my 13.1 miles in 2 hours and 9 minutes officially (with a stop to the bathroom, etc - it was 2:05 on my watch!) I was so glad to be finished but am already looking forward to the next one. Besides the huge blister on one of my toes I am injury free. It was such a great experience - so glad to have done it with friends and to have had mom, dad and Stephen there to cheer me on! I'm posting a few pictures - but I'll post the link to my snapfish pictures in case you want to see them all.

Also, this is pretty cool - you can click this link below and type in my name and watch me cross the finish line! It will count down for you - I am in all black and the girl I finish with is wearing a white hat and hot pink shirt.

Finish Line Replay: Re-live that finish line feeling again and again! Simply enter your race number and watch yourself cross the finish line. View replay

Enjoy this video I made from our run!

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