January 13, 2010

photoshop, photography class & blogs

Last week was a very exciting one for me - I started a digital photography class at our church! It's so funny, I got some Christmas money this year and the only thing I wanted to spend it on was "camera stuff". I have been obsessed with purchasing & learning photoshop. {as you saw on my goals for the new year} Well, I purchased photoshop & received it in the mail yesterday & it's loaded onto my computer! now, I just have to wait for my photoshop class to start next month.

However, my befri Allison sent me to a photographer friend's blog - she has a one hour Photoshop tutorial {on DVD} you can purchase to teach you everything you need to know about photo editing on Photoshop. Should I take my class at the college first - then if I still don't know how to edit, order UNO? Check it out! Let me know your thoughts.

I am obsessed with making my own background/header/buttons/etc for my blog. I got totally inspired by this girl. I love her blog & she designed it herself in Photoshop! Anyone out there who knows how to do this - is digital scrapbooking kit the way to go? Any advice would be helpful - I am excited about changing up my look here!

OK back to my first sentence - the class! How awesome is it that our church offers a digital photography for MINISTRY class? Awesome - it's only been one week, but I love it already. We talked about how your photography can glorify God & bless people and I know we'll be talking about it more. There are some great photographers in the class & I'm looking forward to making some new friends & growing in my knowledge and skill as a photographer {ok, a wanna be photographer} I seriously LOVE taking pictures & have always been that way. Yes, it is just a hobby - but I'm getting more serious about it! My favorite part about taking pictures is giving them to the people in the pictures {usually my friends & fam}. I think it really blesses people {and it blesses me, knowing that I can bless them in that way} does that make sense?

Anyway, be prepared to hear about it on here! We have assignments each week & last week in class we talked about the importance of SLOWING DOWN {in photography & life in general} and taking the time to see what's around you. We were supposed to take pictures of things around the house. We could only submit 2 - but here are some of my faves from my home! Enjoy


  1. Sounds great, Wynne! Have fun! About designing your own stuff, I should think you could do it for free without buying a digiscrap kit.

    Do you have a scanner? Cute handwriting? I'm just assuming you want to have your own handwriting like that girl.

    :) I'm excited to see where you go with all of this!

  2. I love the flower picture! About my blog background, I found it here: http://www.aquapoppydesigns.blogspot.com/ (wish I knew how to make them too!) Also there is a free photo editing software that I use to make collages like the one on my blog header called Picasa http://picasa.google.com/

  3. Wynne- All the photoshop stuff is so fun, but when it comes to a class vs. dvd. vs online tutorial I guess it depends on your learning style. I have pretty much learned everything I know from FREE online tutorials. If you are interested I can send you the link to a blog that has helped me alot!!

  4. I DID find in on your blog-- thanks for sharing!!! I hope to be able to look at it for longer later! The site is www.kevinandamanda.com . all you have to do is search.... blog signature... or blog header...yada yada and she gives you the directions in dummy form (the kind i need!)

  5. So glad I stumbled over! I just got a new camera for Christmas and I have also been wanting to learn EVERYTHING about it. There is a lot to learn for me! I am hoping to start a photography class at ACC (I'm in Austin) and really learn what my camera can do. Best of luck! I can't wait to see all of your pictures!!


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