January 31, 2010

Yeah for my NEW BLOG!!

Well, I admit I have been MIA but it's for good reasons...I have been re-designing my blog! Do you love it? I have spent countless hours learning new tricks in photo shop & searching blog after blog for tutorials. I am going to work on getting a list together of all the helpful places I found & I'll post it in case any of you want to give your blogs a makeover :) I got the background from shabbyblogs.com but besides that - I did it all myself in photo shop and from tutorials. I LOVE it. I hope I don't get sick of it soon.....but because I've been so MIA, here is a quick run-down on what has happened the past week and a half!
  • Last Friday morning @ the YMCA - I did something that was pretty darn embarrassing. I totally BIT it on the treadmill. Yes, you heard me right. I was talking to my friends Brooke and Terri and just FELL. I'm talking to my knees, still holding on, treadmill still going {luckily I was walking and not running} and it was all in SLOW MOTION. Brooke finally reached over and hit the stop button and I proceeded to let go around the same time and was flung off the treadmill. What followed after was a laughing/crying mix.
  • Last Friday night I spent the evening with my good friends Sommer, Brooke & Victoria. We went to eat at Pizzaria Venti before heading up to Stonegate for "Women of Stonegate". It was a great night of fellowship & worship. It really got my heart thinking about how there is "something more" available with Jesus.
  • Last Saturday night we went to some friends for dinner! That was the extent of our weekend - pretty low key but great to relax at home! Sunday I went to a bake sale some of my high school friends had for Haiti! I was so proud of them for doing something for those in need.
  • Tuesday was crazy with our first after school program for work {OpChamps} and Teen CBS. But don't worry, my fall off the treadmill totally worked into my lesson for the kids. God is so funny sometimes - I think he allowed me to fall so I would FINALLY have a good real life analogy for CBS.
  • Thursday night we went to dinner with our dear friends Will & Ansley! They are about to get married and Ansley was in town for the weekend - we had fun catching up with her & I successfully embarrassed my husband by taking pictures....hey, I'm practicing! We have some homework due for photography class on Wednesday!
  • Friday I left for a retreat for work @ Lake Brownwood. It was a good, productive, relaxing time & I especially enjoyed the ride down with my new friend Valerie. Too bad on the way home my car broke down!! Thankfully, I was a few miles from Bronte & was able to make it to the gas station. After waiting an hour, having my car towed, etc etc my new friend Valerie and her sweet family {who I was following until I stopped to take pictures of a gorgeous sunset} turned around and picked me up! My car was towed to San Angelo since it was going to be $500 to tow it to Midland - ugh. SO SO SO thankful for friends that picked me up & drove me home and good friends that let me borrow their car this week {love you Eggemeyers!!} It's times like these that make it hard {and a fun challenge} about not living in the same town as family. Luckily, our friends in Midland are like family. We are beyond blessed
That is all for now. I promise to be better about blogging - I will want to more now since my blog is so fun and pretty :)

This week is going to be VERY BUSY - especially since we are on pins and needles waiting for Alli to have sweet Grayson!!!


  1. I love the new blog! Please post ideas & tips whenever you have time. I would love to spiffy mine up ;)

  2. Super cute! Who knows if I'd ever get the motivation to revamp mine, but I'd love the tips/blogs to know how!

  3. ADORE the new layout! Gorgeous! i need to do the same to mine.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog look! I need to re-do mine too! Ill be looking for your tips! :)
    DO you know the demensions of your header?? I need to make mine smaller - thanks friend!!

  5. Yeah!!! So so darn cute...just like you :)

  6. Gosh Wynne, this is incredible! I had no idea you were so involved with the programming and coding - way to go! You have inspired me to do SOMETHING about my blog...the blog that doesn't exist yet.
    I'll be calling you for help! xoxo


thanks for the love!