February 12, 2010

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Friends!

I just had to say hi & show off something I've been working on.
I just helped my friend Becca do a few things to fancy up her blog!
She is thrilled with the results & I think it looks great!
A few little things can go a long way.
Check out Becca's Blog!
{I am having issues with my links not showing up, trying to fix the colors!}

Also I am just SO THRILLED about this weekend. Stephen & I are going to Lubbock to spend some time with our dear friends Ellen & Clay. Ellen, Clay & Stephen's families go way back and I am just lucky enough to have married into this great family tradition of friendship. Ellen & I quickly became friends after meeting at what was probably a family friend wedding and/or party {this is a fun bunch here - always something going on!} I think the first thing that we connected on was we both are randomly obsessed with the town of Bourne. I know, I know - but we share that love. And it just grew from there. I can't explain the friendship I have with Ellen because I don't have one like it with anyone else {all friendships are different really}. We are "soul sisters". Every time we have a wedding that we are all going to Stephen & Clay get a little perturbed because you can usually find Ellen & I sitting together {glass of bubbly in hand} talking for at least 3 hours. Recently, Ellen & I have connected with the love of all things photography. She is an amazing, talented photographer who just started her own business this year in Lubbock! {Check her out here} We have been emailing back and forth for weeks about lenses, websites, equipment, photoshop, everything! She was the one who convinced me to get my Nikkor 50mm 1.8 lens {that I took all the "hill country" pictures with}.

This weekend we are going to have so much fun - Ellen & I are going to "play" with our cameras on Saturday, maybe get a work out in, go shopping & end the day with the Aggie/Tech basketball game with the guys. Oh and did I mention Milly will get to meet her boyfriend Sully? They have a male golden & we can't wait for them to meet and fall in love. However, Milly still has yet to meet her "other boyfriend" Tucker. {Alli - we need to make that happen!}

SO looking forward to a weekend with our fun friends!
{are you noticing a trend in the pictures.....}


  1. Love the Gig Em! Have a fab weekend friend and I'll text you at the game so we can say hi!

  2. i know where i am going the next time i need a cute dress to wear- girl you have so many cute ones!! (and I KNOW you did not buy them here in midland!)

  3. Yay! I love my blog. Thank you so so much!!!

  4. Wynne!!! I miss you and the fam already. Sully is officially depressed. :( Thank yall so much for coming!!! Keep up the photography and remember we or me ONE DAY! Love you!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  5. Tucker is very jealous...the pics of Milly and Sully on Ellen's blog were darling!


thanks for the love!