March 9, 2010

Another blog re-designed!

You know my befri, Allison, that I always talk about?
The one who's baby Grayson is all over this blog?
Well Friday night I made her sit down & tell me what she wants for her blog design!
I finished it tonight & wanted you to check it out!

I love my friend & love her new blog :)


  1. I love your blog re-designs, they are precious! Whenever you start re-designing for other people I would LOVE one, and I will even pay :)
    I tried following all your tips but can't seem to get it, lol

  2. Hi! It's so great to find your blog. You are so creative! I love all your blog designs! I'm so impressed! :)

  3. so impressed! you SHOULD do blog design for $$! I would pay you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Can you design my blog?:) You do such a great job!!


thanks for the love!