March 17, 2010

help me help you!

hi there :)
So we all know that I have been having fun helping people re-design their blogs. I have posted the tips that I followed that helped me create my blog {tips that took me weeks and weeks to compile!} in hopes that they would help girls just like me make their blog festive & fun. Because let's face it - it's more fun to blog when you have a fun, cute, well designed blog. I reached out for help to a girl whose blog I loved & didn't get any response and in turn decided that whatever I learned, I would pass along. Help a sister out! And I have LOVED to do so.

There have been a few friends/now new friends that have taken my tips & tricks and ran with them. I am so impressed! My friend Mary Liz, Sarah & also my new friend Heather. Let me know if you have used my tips & tricks and found them helpful!

Ok getting down to it - some of you that I do not have the pleasure of knowing yet have asked me to help you with your blog. So let me propose something - I would LOVE to help you, if you in turn would help me! You see, my love/obsession/passion is photography. There is this workshop that I have my HEART set on going to in September. You see, if I want to start my own photography business - which I do! - than I think this conference would be VERY beneficial. The only problem is - it's almost $3,000 to go! AHH! So, from now until September - any extra work that I do on the side {because I do have a full time job!} the money will go towards sending me to Love Affair!

Because my free time is limited, I am only committing to taking on 2 blogs/month. If I find that I have more free time than that, then I will let you know. Use the google button under "Contact me" to shoot me an email. Simple disclaimer: you have seen my work & know what I do. I do not create the backgrounds but create everything else. If you want a picture header - great! If you want a cutesy header and there is something you like off of Cutest Blog on the Block or a place like that, let me know and I can help. Case in point my friend Sommer's blog! Here are the ?'s I will ask you:

1. 2 or 3 column blog {3 column will be a little bit more $}
2. picture or scrap book header
3. Which background - pick out a free one & tell me which one you like! {I love Shabby Blogs}
4. Pick Font {from}
5. Send me pictures you want for header and/or sidebar
6. Side bar items {archives, blog list, anything extra}
7. divider signature name

Basically, we can work out what kind of "donation" you can give to my cause of going to Love Affair! Email me & we'll get started!

In case it's been awhile, here are some posts you can look to if you are ready to tackle this yourself!
there are other little tips & tricks along the way under "Blog Help"

Thank you for understanding! I hope I can help some of you make your blog fun & cute :)

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