March 11, 2010

meet the Powers & fun day in Austin

This is one of my gorgeous BEST FRIENDS. Catherine! We grew up together & although she was a little older & her sister, Caroline was more in my circle of friends - we became close when we lived in Austin. Our friendship is rare & I love it. Her & Willie are the kind of friends we will be friends with for life. Stephen & Willie do business together and we dream of one day moving to the same small town & just setting up shop - taking it over :) Oh, and these are her puppies - Diva {the white one, I'm her aunt!} and Ruby

We had a blast in Austin! We love being in our old stomping grounds & especially being at our best friend's house - the Powers! We took some quick pictures before heading to TAYLOR SWIFT!!! We drove through P.Terry's for dinner {one of my fave Austin spots!} and then the boys dropped us off at Taylor Swift! Cat and I had a fabulous time. T.Swift rocked it and so did the opening acts - Gloriana and Kellie Pickler. Taylor really was great live & put on a real show! She gives a good message for all the young girls who come to her shows - I am quite impressed.

The best part of the show was when she came through the crowd & started singing on this mini revolving stage RIGHT BY US! She was literally 10 yards from from - here is the picture from my iPhone

Thursday was a great day! Slept in, traditional breakfast and coffee at the powers household, lunch outside at The Grove, shopping for the girls (Catherine was cracking up at how excited I was about the mall!), work for the guys, a snow cone at Sno Beach and to finish the night off - dinner at THE BEST MEXICAN RESTAURANT EVER!! Matt's el Rancho with the old wednesday night crew.
lunch at the Grove
the girls coming along to sno beach
ahh, the best marg's, queso, fajitas & pralines EVER!
so fun to catch up with old Austin friends & also see my FAVE, Scarlett! We had a great time catching up - makes me miss living in the same town as her :( until next time!

Thank you Cat&WillPow for a great time in Austin!


  1. okay so did Taylor swift really sing?? was it as bad/better than her live performances on all the awards shows? i like her albums- i just thought she was horrible live. poor girl!! i bet the concert was so fun!

  2. YUMMMMM!!!! Love Matt's and Sno Beach!!! I love visiting old/best friends. Plus, on your other post, Rose is precious! They are coming to Dallas this weekend and our sitter is watching Rose. I wanted too, but Elizabeth said it would be a late night and now we are actually going out of town. Can't wait to see your pictures.


thanks for the love!