March 21, 2010

week/end re cap

I had a GREAT week this past week - a little calm before the storm. The past 10+ weeks Stephen and I have been very busy. We have only had one night every other week together at home. It's been a little rough. Finally a few things we are involved in during the week have ended or had a break this week & we finally had a week of being at home together every night!

Wednesday night we had date night: scouting Midland for portrait locations & a movie at the theater :) Thursday afternoon I had a GREAT time walking at the polo fields with my good friend Louisa & our dogs. Milly LOVED running free - she's a farm girl at heart. I even got to meet louisa's horse, Charlie.
Thursday night we headed over to our good friends, the Bishops, house for dinner! I had a little photo shoot with their precious girl, Mallie (pictures below). We had a yummy dinner and a great time catching up with our friends.

Friday our good friends the Powers, who I talked about last week, came to town! We had a great weekend & loved having our friends here. Although I do not have any pictures of us together I did get some of our dogs :)

Our weekend included: drive in Friday night, sleeping in/coffee/hangout at the house, Catherine went to my very first paid photo shoot {more on that later!}, lunch at Harvest, tour of Midland, trip to Stephen office, watching Baylor game at the house {GO BEARS - in the Sweet 16!!}, dinner at Luigis and game night at the Eggemeyers!

We played a great game - fish bowl! So much fun:)
We had a great weekend with our best friends meeting our other best friends!
We love visitors!!!!

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