April 5, 2010

Eli's first week @ home!

We wanted to document the first week of Eli being home! He was such a good boy in the car on the way home from Dallas - very chilled out when he met new people & he's just gotten more hyper and fun since then ;) We think it's funny that Milly & Eli are COMPLETE opposites. These are just a few reasons:

Milly= farm girl, runt, blonde, afraid of everything, shy and passive
Eli = city boy, 2nd biggest, darker, afraid of nothing, aggressive and friendly

there are lots more reasons. But they are pretty cute together! Eli follows Milly around everywhere & does exactly what she does. Milly really has matured a lot I feel like & is a good role model for her little brother. I feel like these dogs are my children. I love them so much! Enjoy some Eli pics!
meeting his sister, Milly
melts my heart!!!
playing with his squirrel
hilarious, they took each others bones.

Eli has had some VISITORS this past week! Before I get ahead of myself - we took him in the first week to: the Craines house, pets mart, the Zachrys, Teen CBS, the Brumleys, and through the starbucks drive though. Julie, The Fanous Crew, the Bledsoes all came to visit! Eli had a fun week :) More to come!
this is my #2 guy - Jude. You've heard me talk about him a lot. I'm so glad he came to meet my other little guy :)


  1. your new baby is just precious & it sound like milly is going to be a great big sis! your "kids" are just like mine...total opposites! lunch soon, i promise! :)

  2. Oh!! I just love that pic of Kaitlyn and your new love. Thanks for capturing such a sweet moment!

  3. Love the one where he is on top of Milly and she is looking directly at you - GREAT shot! He is so precious and thanks for the shout out!


thanks for the love!