April 9, 2010

Last night of Teen CBS....

I love Teen CBS. I love the kids, I love the leaders, I love Tuesday nights & I love studying Gods Word. It was such a great year ~ not always easy but I learned SO MUCH. God has taught me so many things through this ministry. Mostly that IT'S NOT ABOUT ME. I know that. but I try to make it about me. but with this - I had to trust Him each week to deliver a message, or have the strength to do what I needed to do. We had a great group of leaders & kids and I will miss seeing each of them every Tuesday over the course of the summer.

This past Tuesday was our last night & we had a special time honoring the seniors. We really had a great group of seniors this year & I am going to miss them so much! I really did get to know them all & am so encouraged by their hearts and passion for the Lord. Their core leaders presented them with a one year bible (readings for every day!) and each said something about them. I know it meant so much - all of the girls were crying. Then the seniors had a chance to share & almost every single one of them did. I was waterworks during the whole thing. Just to hear how much it's meant to them - how they love coming on Tuesdays, how they have formed relationships with each other as CHRIST FOLLOWERS & how they recognize that those are the kind of relationships that will last. It was so sweet to hear their hearts & it made every annoyance and hard time over this past year WORTH IT. What happens on Tuesday nights has eternal benefits - and it's nothing that me or any of the leaders do, it's what GOD does. And I am so honored to be a part of it!
{our t-shirts for the year. we studied Luke}
all these pics are of the mainly senior girl group. You might recognize some of these girls from my "Tejas Girls" photo album. I love these girls - they are so special to me, and most of them I just met this year. God is good! After everything was over the girls were hiding in their room & that is how I got the above shot - they were peaking out! how cute are they. anyway, they presented Louisa {their group leader & my good friend} and I a journal & beautiful cross. They all signed the back of the cross & they each signed a page in our journals! That meant so much to me. The BEST gift anyone can give me is a hand written note. Don't get me wrong, i love gifts but a nice note is better than anything you can buy. I LOVED IT & I LOVE THEM!

oh and these were my partners in crime for the year. Glad Will insisted we take a picture. wish we had one of the whole group - but this one is classic.

See you next fall Teen CBS!!!

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