April 28, 2010

op camp retreat!

This past weekend was our Op Camp Staff training retreat at Camp Butman. To say I had a blast would be an understatement. I loved getting to hang out with all of our high school staff {shocking, I know} and loved getting to know our 2 interns for the summer {whom I LOVE!}, getting to see how everyone works together and how everyone {as Alex so graciously said} is "for God".

From the bus ride, to the amazing race game, meals, ropes course, playing over & under, Ben's rap, worship at the cross, communion on Sunday - it was all fun. It really made me excited about this summer & this ministry in general. It's amazing what happens when relationships are involved. All of a sudden these kids aren't just names on a sheet of paper - but living, breathing people that I now know. God is good. I am excited to see what the summer brings!

If you live in Midland & want to know more about Opportunity camp, visit www.opcamp.com
We always have a need for adults to help in :)

Enjoy a few of the pics - the rest will be on the Op Camp facebook page :)
my group on low ropes course
sweet friends
low ropes :)
working as a TEAM
watching the "over and under" game. pretty intense!

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