April 29, 2010

Senior Alex Richter

This girl is one of my dear dear friends. We met this year through Teen Community Bible Study & have become quite close. She claims to want to be like me "when she's older" which is scarry but flattering at the same time. We had a blast doing her senior photos. We went all over Midland & had a blast just hanging out, being together. I feel like she totally "gets" me- which I don't feel about too many people. We are on the same wavelength! she's super creative & a photographer herself so she snapped some photos for my future website. Maybe in the next few days I'll post those & get yalls opinions on which one to use :) Anyway, enjoy the photos!

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  1. Your pictures are amazing!! If you are up for taking more, let me know when youre at the lake - Id LOVE to pay you to take some of Brooke! :)


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