May 19, 2010

{trying to catch up} Mothers Day 2010 {and Rose pics!}

We had a great mothers day weekend in San Angelo this year. It was really special for almost all of Stephen's cousins and family to be there {we missed you Erin, Jake & Natalie}. Friday night we had a fun dinner at a new resturant in town, Cork & Pig and then spent some time visiting with Laura & Val. It was so fun to see miss Rose - she's grown so much since the last time I saw her- she's 7 months old these days! I got the privilege of photographing her again this trip! On Saturday morning, E-Beth and I got ready to re-create a photo she had taken of her when she was a baby. We did it in my mother-in-law's room and I think it turned out pretty cute. Her cute little naked booty :)

Saturday we had a memorial service and burial for Stephen's uncle Frank. It was a really sweet time with just the family to talk about Frank & what he means to each of us. Stephen did a great job leading the time with family & afterward we headed to eat some good ole mexican food with the gang. After lunch we had a great time watching Owen entertain us & especially Rose. Little kids are so entertaining! Enjoy the pics :)

After lunch before our big family Italian food dinner, I went over the E-beth's good friend Marissas house to take photos of their precious family! I'll post those soon as I am still going through & editing them but I'll leave you with this one-
we also got some great one's of Rose at their house!

It was a very successful weekend - Sunday was a great day at church then lunch with the fam. Always great to be together and fun to celebrate all the mamma's in the family!
When we got home {well on Monday actually} I got a sweet card from my "kids" - haha. Thank you Milly, Eli & Bagby - I love being your mom!
{random, I know - but gotta love the American pride!}

Happy Mothers Day to the best mom ever :) love you mom!

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