June 14, 2010

Kunkel going away parties.....

Well this past week has been a marathon of hanging out with the Kunkels. I love the hanging out (obviously) but am sad for the reason! They are moving to Austin TODAY & although I am so excited for them and this new adventure in their life I am going to miss them so much. Laura has become such a good good friend to me here in Midland & I am going to miss seeing her at CBS, bunko, bible study, church, accountability, nkc stuff, and just everywhere! Good thing we have g chat & that is our main form of communication anyway. She is just one of those friends that you can pour out your heart to and know that she will always listen. I have learned so much from her & she has been such a light in my life! This morning we prayed for her as she left & I just LOST IT. I can't help but cry when i think about the people I love. I am so blessed to call them friends!

These pictures were from a going away party we had at the Eggemeyers for our church group!
{all of NKC - wow! this is a first!}

Then Saturday Allison & Casey invited us to Alli's moms house for swimming, shuffle board & fajitas. We had a great night just hanging out!!

{of coarse I am the Zachry paparazzi so I had to get the whole fam! oh sorry except Casey......}

We love you Kunkels & will MISS YOU!!!!

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