June 27, 2010

recap & goodbye for a while

Well friends - this is it. Camp is about to be here & Wynne Elder Photography is taking a break until camp(s) are over. I'll be back in full swing in August, but for now I'm in total camp zone.

I've had a super busy/fun week with photography & op camp! I had 3 photo shoots this week & while I don't have time to edit all of them before camp I thought I'd show you a few of my faves and then keep you hanging until after camp to show you the rest!

I had a blast on Thursday night with Shel & Paul and their super cute kiddos, Carter & Margaret Ann. Carter loved his "lilly pop" and Margaret Ann was just as sweet as can be. More to come on this family!

Then Saturday I had a shoot with photographer Julie Fragoso! Much more to come about this girl - just a little glimpse into our fun day!

I am going to miss photography for the next month but it's really time to focus 100% of my time and energy into camp & then when I come back I will be so ready to go "full force" with WEP {Wynne Elder Photography}! I have so many fun things in mind & can't wait to have the time to make them happen!

Hope everyone has a good July! Be back next month :)

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