June 7, 2010

Stealing Angels!!!

I said in my last post that Sunday night Stephen & I drove to Fredricksburg to see my good friend Caroline & her band, Stealing Angels, play and I had to post pics ;) I was SO excited as we missed their big concert in Waco Saturday night. Caroline & I grew up together since we were about 2 and our families have been good friends ever since (my mom& dad grew up with her mom in waco!) Well when Stephen & I moved to Austin we got hooked up with Caroline's older sister, Catherine & her husband Willie. Catherine & Will soon became our best best friends. Life without the Powers would certainly be boring. We dearly love these friends and were so thrilled when they invited us to see Caro!
We got there early & got to hang out with "the girls" and catch up and buy some amazing merchendise - new shirts & koozies and even ate pizza with Willie's whole family who was there celebrating a birthday and seeing Caro! It was just one of those awesome moments. SA was amazing - they put on a GREAT show. They rocked it out & it was so fun to sing along to the oldies and learn some of their new songs (new album coming out soon!) Watching my good friend do what she loves and suceed is so much fun. I had a blast with the Powers and their family and the Cutbirths! Such a special time.
You have GOT to check them out @ http://www.stealingangels.com/
on facebook here

They really are the next big thing. They live in Nashville & are doing a radio tour all over the country right now!
caro rocking it out
jen wayne - did I mention that she's john wayne's grandaughter?
caro & tayla lynn (yes, lorettas grandaughter)
us with the gang after the show!

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