July 18, 2010

Op Camp Elementary

Elementary Op Camp was a blast! I can't even say in words how much fun I had & how all the hard work is finally coming together. Actually knowing the people makes 100% difference. I was always a little nervous about being to relate & fit in in this atmosphere but by day 2 it felt like family. God did some amazing things through people at camp & I really feel like lives were changed. relationships built. love shared. a family growing closer together.

We had an amazing team of people that gave self-leslly of their time and energy all for the glory of God. Seriously, no one complained or said no to anything that was asked of them last week. we all worked together as a team to make camp the best it could be for the kids.

These kids loved it. it felt like home to them. they felt safe & loved & hopefully most of all they felt and knew jesus love for them.

fun memories:
"aren't you like 26"
getting pushed down the slip & slide
dance parties everyday, about 10 times a day
makeup relay - looking sassy
single ladies times a million
fist pump
it's fun to stay at the "CAMP"
early mornings
laughing/being funny for NO reason at all
fun games at meals
great convos at 4th meal
whistle language
million nicknames {wynna-mon toast crunch, sassy, joy)
amazing time at songfest everyday
hilarious guys dance party in gym
roaring rapids

My Partners in Crime

Bekah (she deserves 2 photos)

There are almost 400 photos of elementary camp posted on my facebook - go check it out!
Also if you want to know more about Op Camp visit www.opcamp.com to learn more!

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