September 6, 2010

Baylor Weekend

This past weekend Allison, Grayson & I headed to Waco to meet up with Stevo and to spend the weekend with my family.

I am so sad but something happened to my camera card & I don't have any photos from the weekend :( I took some really cute ones of Graybo with the Baylor Bear & Alli/Robyn and Grayson but they are not here anymore :( So sad! This is a first for me - but lesson learned.

So a quick recap in words-
Friday night dinner at the Koffee Kup
we made some new friends that wanted to know all about marriage + babies

Saturday morning breakfast at the Trippets
tour of Waco
lunch at Double R
trip to see the Bear & get some cowboy coffee
Alli, Grayson & Robyn go to hang out
we go to the GAME
see Brynn, Scarlett & some other Baylor friends and are a part of the first March of the Bears
Bears win! great game!

Antioch on Sunday, lunch at Lolitas & watching the Tech game
fun car ride home.

It was so fun to get to spend more time with my bestie Allison & Grayson! I feel like I got to know him better and it was fun to see her in action as a mom! We had some good convo on our car ride & I look forward to her coming back to waco at some point! Fun for her to see my little Waco world.

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