December 7, 2010


honestly. I have so much to be thankful for. We spent the Thanksgiving holiday in San Angelo with Stephen's family and being with family over the holiday always reminds me of how thankful we really are. To have a home, a bed, food, people who love and support us. These are all things we take for granted! It's a Pool tradition to toast to Don Periogn pre-Thanksgiving meal and this year my sweet mother in law's toast made me cry! She toasted to her first grand baby, Rose and then to her precious grandson in Ethiopia. Wasn't much of a dry eye after all the toasting but that one was the best. It continues to become more and more real. Thinking that the next time we all gather in San Angelo for Thanksgiving (since we do every other year) our sweet baby boy will be with us! We talked a lot about him at lunch & again the next day. We shared stories about little children who can't see color - and how amazing it is! How "learned" it is for us to discriminate or to see color. So much to learn from children!

So thankful for this year for a warm home, a loving husband, a fabulous family who supports and encourages us, a family of faith at church & at CBS that push us to be stronger and better, a thriving business, a passion for people and the ability to see God's work all around us. He truly has blessed us with more than we ever thought or imagined.

If that isn't enough - go check out my precious niece, Rose on my other blog ;) She will make you smile!

Thank you Lord for family & for this holiday season - YOU are the reason we celebrate!

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  1. Wynne this is such a beautiful post! Thank you for your transparency and sharing your heart! I love a heart that is so full of love for Jesus that is blesses all those who have the honor of knowing it! YOU are a blessing! I love you my befri!!!


thanks for the love!