April 13, 2011

H2O project for lent!

A few friends & I started on this "H2O project" for lent this week. It's through Living Water International and it's a Pray. Fast. Give. Basically, you only drink TAP water (yes, we still eat!) and whatever money you would have spent on other beverages (coffee, coke, juice, energy, etc) you give to Living Water so they can build a water well. I love the fasting part of it - when I really want a coke/coffee I pray for the people who don't even have access to free, clean drinking water. I also have to rely on God to help me with energy, strength, etc - relying on God instead of caffine! What a concept!

Sunday was my last day without coffee so I had to document it. If you go to the website, you can download all the material and JOIN IN! It comes with a scorecard to keep track of what you would have drank so at the end you know how much $ to send. I hope you will join us - even if it's just for a day! To see what it's like and to remember those who don't have clean drinking water. Happy water drinking! Until Easter......

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