May 10, 2011

adoption update!

just a quick update! so the last thing we have been waiting on in the "paper chase" is our USCIS fingerprint appointment. You have to wait to get the letter in the mail and then your appointment is usually 3 weeks after you get the letter. well we got home Sunday from being at the lake and went to the neighbors to get the mail and there was the letter! Well, we had no idea where we would have to go for our appt and it happened to be in Lubbock. Well, I happen to be going to Lubbock Monday to hang out with some photographer friends for the day - so yesterday, I got fingerprinted! Then I called Stephen to tell him it worked, and he drove up & got fingerprinted then drove back. Oh the joys of working for yourself!

so, pretty cool that God orchestrated my trip to Lubbock the day after I got the letter! So now we'll wait for an approval letter from USCIS, then send it off to get authenticated then everything can go to Ethiopia! So hopefully we'll actually be on the wait list in the next few weeks! keep praying!!!

thank you all!!!


  1. YAY! I love reading all fo the updates. :)

  2. that is wonderful news! praying for you guys...

  3. yeah! what awesome news!! I will keep you guys in my prayers. God is working in both our lives.


thanks for the love!