June 26, 2011

Hurleyville - a christian kids show!!!

I just wanted to tell all you families with children that read this blog that if you haven't yet - you should check out this awesome DVD series called Hurleyville! My good friend Janice Henry, had a vision to make a TV show for children that shared God's love for them. Out of that came Presson Productions! Their first venture is a DVD series based on the 10 commandments.
This is what they say about Hurleyville:

Hurleyville is a laugh-out-loud children’s episodic DVD series, about a group of adventurous kids, who are constantly challenged by the surprises life throws their way. At its core, Hurleyville embodies the struggles, joys and adventures modern kids face in today’s world.

Their heart on starting PressOn Productions:

PressOn Productions developed Hurleyville to expand the selection of children and youth programming available in the Christian and secular markets. We also felt led to create an inviting show that will minister to people from all ages, backgrounds and religions. Our mission is to restore respect for God and his message through the visual arts and to “show” God’s love.

{the cast}

It's such a FUN and entertaining show that everyone just LOVES. And this week - the Dove Foundation reviewed the movie & gave them 5 out of 5 stars! {you can read the review here}

Check out Hurleyville's website & buy a DVD for $9.99! This includes the first 2 episodes of the series - the 10 commandments! click here!!!

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