July 15, 2011

Help us help orphans!!!!!

As most of you know, Stephen & I are going on a trip to Ethiopia & Uganda in just 15 days! We are so excited to go and love on orphans from the continent we have come to love so much (yet have never been!) We will each be packing a 2nd bag that we want to fill with donations. I thought I'd list some of the things below & if you are in Midland and want to help out - you can drop off at my house by Monday, July 25th.

We also want to be able to take cash with us so we can help fulfill needs as they arise at the various orphanages and ministries we are going to. We are going to visit 8 different orphanages/ministries - some we are spending multiple days at. SO,
it's our goal to get $150 for each orphanage/ministry. So between now & July 29th we need either 8 people to donate $150 or 16 to donate $75 (etc etc). FYI - Visiting Orphans has a very good policy in place to make sure the cash donations goes straight to the ministry.

I wanted to tell you below what supplies we know we will want to bring to various ministries. If you have any of these items & would love to donate them - bring em on! Leave on my porch!

Soccer balls, needles, pumps




jump rope

nail polish (glitter is better!)

clothes (let's try more for 6-10 year olds - don't have to be new)

{thanks to the garage sale, we have PLENTY of baby clothes to bring!!!}

t-shirts, shorts, etc (again, boys & girls)


coloring books


writing pens


granola bars (to give the street kids)

Thank you all for fulfilling James 1:27 to help widows & orphans in their distress! May you be greatly blessed because of it!

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