July 18, 2011

pretty stinkin cool. newspaper style!

A few weeks ago someone from our local paper came over to interview us at our home. We told her all about our story. and our adoption. We had no idea what she'd write or when it would come out.

So, we were surprised Saturday night on the way home when I got a text from one of my high school girls saying she'd read an article about us in the paper! I thought we had totally missed it, but we were soon to find out it was on the front cover of the Sunday paper! Are you kidding me? I took a pic with my phone & you can see the other front page article was about a local family who started an orphanage in Africa. LOVE that the front paper was about Midland people & their involvement and passion for the people of Africa.

We just prayed yesterday that God would get the glory. That someone who is interested or has questions about adoption would come forward and that well, just that He would get the glory! Because it's NOT about us! So far we've gotten an email from a family who is seriously considering adoption asking questions, an email from a local attorney who wants to cover any re-adoption fees in Texas for FREE when Camp gets here, and I've connected with Sarah (the girl in the other article) and we are going to have coffee this weekend! God is so good.

Not to mention it's been pretty crazy and unreal to have people stop me/email/text/call to tell me they read the story! My banker today even sent me a copy of it through the teller! haha. We are totally humbled and excited about what God is doing to move in the hearts of the people of our community!

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