July 28, 2011

together for adoption

it's hard to believe all that has happened in the past 10 months. To say that my world has been ROCKED is an understatement. It all started at Op Camp, then God really spoke to my husband {and proved me NOT crazy} at this conference we went to in Austin called Together for Adoption.

At this conference in 2010 a few things happened....

Most importantly Stephen got the call from God that we were supposed to adopt! Praise the Lord

We also met Amanda with Visiting Orphans

We met Gwen & Suzanne with 147 Million Orphans

We met Jessica with Noonday Collection

We started to get info from Gladney

I heard Esther Havens give an amazing talk on How to Tell a Story (through photographs)

I started to form relationships with Jenna, Holly, HollyAnn, and Kayla. All fellow Midland moms who have a heart for adoption.

Pretty crazy what began then! God knew it ALL! He knew we would be adopting - through Gladney, He knew that we'd have a trunk show through Noonday to help raise the funds & then later become an ambassador!, He knew we'd fall in love with 147 and get to be visiting Amazima this summer (the people they help support!), He knew we'd be going on a mission trip with Visiting Orphans & He knew my heart for photography was for missions.

I can't wait to see what's in store for the 2011 conference.

What: Together for Adoption Conference
Where: Phoenix, Arizona
When: October 21-22
Why: topics on missional living, The Gospel, and orphan care

Come connect with other people with hearts for orphans, adoption, and the church. You won't regret it!

*** they are having a super early bird special from now until Saturday 30th -- $75!!!!***** click here

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  1. I love that your enthusiasm for orphans is evident in your posts!!! I am a bit jealous of the connections you have, as we live in ND and are the only people in our town that are adopting...but it's great to be able to hear stories through other blogs like yours! God is definitely great and has plans we could never have imagined!!!


thanks for the love!