September 28, 2011

mission: mini session

I love that God gave me the gifts & passions that He did.
Photography + missions = it works!
I can use my photography ON the mission trip and I can use my photography to GET ME to the mission trip.

For all of you Midlanders.....
I'm having a Mission: Mini Session
for a $300 donation you will receive a 25 minute mini session
3 digital images {which I don't do anymore, so there's built in value! normally 3 digital images would be $300!}
get to pick if you want a pretty green background or a more downtown/industrial vibe

AND knowing that you helped me get back to Africa with Visiting Orphans!

If you aren't in Midland, but you still want to support me.....
let me know and I can put you on my update/prayer list!
and if you want to support me financially......
Select December 27 - January 7th trip and designate it to Wynne Elder

It's not all about the money. Sure I need to raise $3,565, but I also need people to support me and pray for me at home. If I've learned anything in my past few weeks at's that this world needs SENDERS and GOERS!
So be a sender :)
Thank you so much for your support and love!

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  1. That is such a good idea! I saw that you guys wanted to adopt from Ethiopia! I will be going there in 2 weeks to visit an orphanage and help rescue girls from sex trafficking! I'm loving reading about your experiences!


thanks for the love!