September 11, 2011

two months.

Today marks 2 months on the wait list.
Our DTE, dossier to Ethiopia.

I haven't gotten to tell yall this yet, but while we were in Ethiopia we got to meet with Belay, the in country Gladney guy! Our sweet precious friend Henock from the Ethiopian Guest Home took us to meet him on our last day in Addis. It was so great to put a face with a name ;)

Thank you for your prayers and support. It's only going to get harder but we know that our God is in control! We are praying that He will fulfill his purpose for us through this process by making HIS name great!! Also praying that more will feel the call to adopt ;) If you ever have any questions - I'm an open book!

these pictures are from our time in Lake City, Colorado at Stephen's grandparents house. This is his favorite place in the world. This porch is where I've spent every morning this week with my coffee & Bible in hand! This one was taken last night and the one up top was today, the actual anniversary! So far on both months we've been in a beautiful locations together in our Camp shirts ;) Oh where will we be next month.....


  1. Love your blog and I'm so excited for yall! I have a non- adoption question:) Can I still buy a We love Camp shirt?

  2. love your camp shirts...they are adorable!

    good luck on your journey :)


thanks for the love!