November 17, 2011

4 months.

on the 11th we reached the 4 months waiting to be matched with Camp markin the Caymans

I drew a #4 on the sand on the beach in the Caymans on that day
and watched the waves wash it away.

looking at pictures of my good friend Jenna's first meeting with their daughter, Emme in Ethiopia
longing to hear every detail
seeing her wearing all the cute outfits I helped Jenna pick out for her
and her wearing the backpack I bought for her in Rwanda
and knowing next time I go to their house, there will be pictures of her everywhere

she is real
she is their daughter
they have waited for her, prayed for her, longed for her
and now they know her

this gives me tremendous HOPE.
knowing that Camp is a real person
he might actually not be born yet, but we pray for him everyday

we pray for his mom - if she's pregnant, that she will be healthy & we pray for her salvation, that if she doesn't already, that someone will introduce her to Jesus.

we pray for Camp
just like we would pray for a baby that grows in bellies

will you pray for him with us?


  1. I will pray! Blessings on the long journey! GREAT POST!

  2. Yes! We WILL pray!.... with excitement and hope!

    by the way we watched the baylor game on tv last night. Im pretty sure they are never on tv. esp. not in CA. anyways, Of Course I thought of you the whole time. :) Excited for your team!!!


thanks for the love!