November 28, 2011

created for care.

I'm in!

I am SO excited that I get to opportunity to attend the
retreat in January!!!

It's a retreat for adoptive mommas.

"created for moms who share the spirit of adoption


I am so so so excited.
I have been on the wait list for so long.
and I'm in!

Excited that Noonday will be there (and my older sis Jessica!), bloggy friend Lauren, the 147 gals & other people I blog stalk but don't know yet, including emily & emily, kristi and I'm sure many more!

Are you going?


  1. YAYYYYYY! Just saw your comment on the C4C FB page and had to say YAY with you!

  2. hi Wynne,

    we are waiting for siblings, either gender, 0-4 1/2 (our window slowly opens as our youngest gets older :)

    Love finding Gladney families!

  3. I wish!! That sounds amazing! Someday :)

  4. You don't know me - I am going to the Created for Care Conference in January.

    Your Camp name caught my eye because my nephew is named Camp!! I will have to order an "I love Camp" shirt since I do have a sweet Camp that I know and love AND to support adoption!!

    Just had to comment because I doubt I will come across another Camp name again :)

    Good luck!

  5. Deana,
    what a small world! We'd be honored if you sported a Camp shirt ;) I'll probably bring some to the retreat ;) can't wait to meet you then!


thanks for the love!