December 11, 2011


5 months.

since our paperwork got to Ethiopia.
5 months of waiting on our precious Camp.

We digress from our traditional Camp t-shirt pic from today because, well, you don't want to see me today.

feeling under the weather all day in my pj's

Crazy that we've been out of the state or country every other month until today.
1- Ethiopia
2- Lake City, Colorado
3- Rwanda (me at least!)
4- Cayman
5- sick at home in Midland

we wait.
will you pray?
it hasn't been any easy few days waiting.....


  1. definitely praying!!! I know just how you feel! waiting is such a crazy time and there are these phases of being okay, and then all of sudden for a week or two you're just NOT okay anymore. UGH. I'm so sorry! Those times are the worst! Praying for you guys and Camp!

  2. feel better, friend! praying for you <3


thanks for the love!