December 14, 2011

africa. 12 days. need your help!

I can't believe I leave for Africa in 12 days!

I can't believe that in less than 2 weeks...I'll be back doing this!
the things I love to do most in the world.  ahh....happiness!

Ok back to this trip......
This trip is a little different donation wise - 
we were each asked to bring:

1 new backpack
1 new deflated soccer ball
1 new set of twin sheets 
$200 cash

I've been gathering these goods for me & hopefully some for the others from our church who are going.
and hoping to bring extra sheets!

{so far I have 3 backpacks, 5 sets of sheets & 12 soccer balls}
would love a few more backpacks & maybe a few more sheet sets?

My good friend Emily, who is a nurse in Korah with Project 61 recently posted a few supplies they need:

iron pills,

small individual bottles of charcoal shampoo, 

stool softener pills,

small bottles of face wash (like cetaphil), 

and anti-emetics.

I have 15 more pounds I can put in my 1 bag :)  
so I'll take as many more donations as I can with 15 pounds!!!!
{and hopefully be able to take more with some of my Midland teammates}
{pretty good - packed a lot of my clothes in my backpack!}


If you want to contribute feel free to buy any thing on this list or if you would like to send cash to be able to bless some families & ministries while we are there I'll be taking $ to do that too! 

email me:

or if you are in Midland feel free to just drop it off on the porch!

thank you for BLESSING those in Ethiopia & Rwanda! 

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