December 21, 2011

a fresh perspective.

I've done it.
gone and gotten comfortable again.

in efforts to not be stressed by Christmas - I've failed.
I'm leaving for Africa the day. after. Christmas
I've been home sick the past 7 days
(with a trip to Waco in between, which most of the time I was at my parents house snuggled up in my pjs)
missed almost every christmas party.
and just feeling yuck.

too much hgtv & to do lists has gotten me away from the Word
and not to mention the sickness
sleeping a lot of each day (in hopes that I'm 100% on my trip)
the enemy has gotten me down! but I won't stand for it!  

I'm ready for Africa
I'm ready for 2012 to start with a fresh perspective
I can't think of a better place to get a new perspective than Africa

I'm ready for my faith to be tested
to give out more love & hugs and Jesus than I ever have before
to be stretched: mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually

Africa is the place where I feel I truly am alive.
and I'm ready for it.

would you pray for me?
that my health would be good & I would feel 100% myself
that I could enjoy the last few days of the Christmas season with my hubby & his family
that I would get into the WORD of God
and be as prepared as I can for another 12 days in Africa?

I promise to write.
merry Christmas to all!

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  1. Strange. I've, also, been under the weather for the last 7 days. I'm finally feeling back to 100% today, so be rest assured you'll be back to new again in no time! :)

    Praying right now for you... for your health and for your time in Africa. Wish I was going to Africa with you. Going to pray about that, too.


thanks for the love!