December 6, 2011

visiting orphans, part 2.

I posted HERE about what we do on Visiting Orphans trips....
here is part 2.

This is another ministry we will be working with again on my New Years trip, Project 61.
I'm sure you've heard me talk about this ;)

One of the things we did in Korah this summer was a VBS! Since the kids were all home for the summer from boarding school, Project 61 & Great Hope Church serve them a hot lunch every day & do VBS/church camp like activities during the week.

We got the opportunity to lead this one day & it was a blast. While a lot of the team was working on Extreme Home Makeover (more on that soon!) the rest of the team planned & then the next day led the kids in worship, teaching & crafts!

the fabulous Jeff Slaughter led us in worship

the best part was watching the big guys dance :)

We made crowns after Chloe talked about how we are sons & daughters of the King!

Mitch's daughters pre-school made bracelets for all the kids & we had the pleasure to pass them out to the kids! They LOVED them!

the most important thing we do, as always, is just love these kids!
spending time with them & sharing Jesus love!
{so sweet!}

Every day we got to serve the kiddos lunch & sometimes eat with them :)

You should go love on some orphans too.
check out Visiting Orphans :)

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  1. okay I am soooo going to ET with visiting orphans as soon as I can bear to leave the country without Mareto! haha Seriously - this is just so awesome! Depending on how long this adoption takes I'm thinking we'll have to fit a trip in soon!


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