January 1, 2012

I need Africa.

you know that quote, from Mocha club?
"I need Africa more than Africa needs me"
well, I am a believer.

My heart is here.
I was telling some of the girls on my team today that I feel more comfortable and more at home in Africa, with the orphans than I do at home in Texas.

I need this place.
and the children.

today was full of joy, laughter, dancing (and I mean teaching Emmanuel how to 2 step & pretzel and me learning a Rwandan dance!), singing, jamming to songs on my phone, giving away shoes, and lots of holding hands, hugs and LOVE.

Justin & Evorite (my boys!) were by my side the whole day.
the became my little assistants!
one would be wearing my camera backpack and then other with my phone or...gasp...my camera!
{this is how much I trust them}

I taught them both how to use my camera yesterday & they became quite the photographers.  
setting up an area for headshots, bossing people around, haha.
I only let them 2 hold my camera & when Justen tried to give it to someone I got onto him like a mom.
they were very protective with my things and with me.  

the best part of the day is when I got to give them their new shoes!!!
they both had really terrible flip flops from the market & E's were broken so he was having a really hard time walking yesterday.  

so when we went shopping, I bought them yellow & red chuck taylors ;)
I was actually a little nervous when I gave them to them. but there were lots of "thank you", and "I love you" and "very good" words exchanged.
and Jenn was there to photograph the whole thing!
I got one picture of just them after on my camera & it may be my FAVORITE picture I've ever taken.
I can't wait to show it to you :) 

there is so much more to tell.
but I am so tired!
we had a fabulous meal tonight by the lake & I had some A+ conversations with women who love Africa, Jesus & his children.  feel refreshed, renewed, ready to conquer the world ;) 
we head to Ethiopia in the morning.....
{just talking about it at dinner tonight made me so very happy}

pray for safe travel, no car/plane sickness, time to rest & be renewed, spend good time with Jesus & his word, time to reflect on what we've seen this week.

more to come :) 
pictures were taking too long to load.....go to my instagram (@wynne4) and later facebook to see pics from today!!


  1. I love your blloogg!!(: follow me?

  2. well you know that I know JUST what you're talking about!! I am definitely in need of some Africa right now!!! Soak up every moment in Ethiopia for me! I miss it sooooo much!! praying for you!!!!! <3


thanks for the love!