February 7, 2012

happy birthday shme.

yes, we treat our dogs like our children.
I know a day will come where the "dog days are over"
but for now...we spoil them rotten.

We started a tradition last year, where we take whosoever birthday it is to McDonalds for a happy meal cheeseburger.

Eli LOVES it.
He loves riding in the car, he loves the attention, he loves cheeseburgers.

we had a very good time!

drooling and all....

that boy seriously knows how to "pose"

happy happy 2nd birthday Eli boy!!
We love you!! 

1 comment:

  1. oh my word. that is awesome
    brinkley is laying here wondering why he gets fed carrot sticks & i eat cheeseburgers???


thanks for the love!