March 10, 2012

change 2.0

I document my life through instagram.

it's just the truth.
I wish I had more "real pictures" as I call them, but sadly I don't.
maybe when I'm on maternity leave, I'll have "real pictures" of my family!
but for now...

{Shannon & Curtis gender reveal party in's a boy!}

I spent yesterday trying to get caught up on personal images, and I am a psycho organizer and like for everything to go in order.  So I thought I'd do a quick update on what we've been up to.

I wish I had more pictures.  

{Ananlisa Zachry, welcomed by my good friend & her momma Allison in January}
2012 has been full of changes.

deaths.  births.  new bible studies.  weddings. new community group. friends moving.
people I didn't know 6 months ago becoming like family. all of our "no kids club" basically having babies!  lots of celebrations coming up.  staying in town more.  being more involved in our church. 
reconnecting with friends.  getting ready for Camp.  going through the ups {and more frequently downs} with friends. transitions. 

{Rachel came to visit and we celebrated Lacey's 17th birthday with our Africa family!}

it's been an interesting season.  
a good season.  a hard season.  ultimately a season of change.  a season of growth.  a season of maturity.
a season of a lot of really tough things going on.
But I've learned that through all the ups and downs that all that matters is that we are there for each other.  

{excuse the weird look on my face.  these are my baylor besties!}

it's drawn me closer to the one that is always there.

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