March 21, 2012

when we visit orphans...{Rwanda week}

So a little break from the heavy :)
I did a few posts from my last trip simply about what we "do" when we go Visit Orphans
since I have so many fun pics from Noel, I thought I'd show you!

What we do...
{picture by Alison Holcomb}

We sit on benches with friends and chat.  about their hopes & dreams, about the justin beiber playing on my phone, just about life!

{picture by Alison Holcomb}

They give us tours of the rest of the orphanage

toddlers sleeping....

they have pigs!!!

{picture by Alison Holcomb}

we paint fingernails

we watch the shows they put on for us!
drumming in this case!

it's so fun to get to cheer, watch, take pics, video and cheer on our friends! 
I always feel like a proud mom at her kids school show! 

inside & outside shows!

and "sport" aka gymnastics shows!

the boys aren't the only ones with skills - we got treated to a dance show!

you might even get called up to participate!

we also...

hold babies

pick up lots of little kids who just want some loving!

watch the little kids dance and sing and have fun

watch the big kids play sports!

we lead the kids in worship

smile for pictures!

and take pictures...

we befriend the kids who sort of sit to the side.  we ask them what their hopes and dreams are.  they take us to their room to show off their hair braiding skills :) 

spend time with the toddlers visiting the cows & playing in the yard

use our gifts.
play the sax!

hold hands

make kids laugh

we listen to their dreams of being an artist/architect and encourage them in those dreams! 

we let the kids SHARE their gifts with us.  
we encourage them in those gifts and support them.

we play silly games with them that make them smile

we get in there and PLAY with them!

if you are me, you give your boys rights to your phone for the day and they listen to every song ....
and LOVE IT!

More than anything, we simply love.

you too can GO!
check out Visiting Orphans 

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! Missions work is amazing!! <33

  2. The photo of the toddlers sleeping just made me cry . . . it's sweet and yet so heart breaking.


thanks for the love!