April 14, 2012

easter at the lake.

happy (late) easter everyone.
we were at the lake this weekend with my family celebrating easter
and the day before easter was the end of my 40 day challenge with blood:water mission.
I need to calculate how much $ I've saved since starting this February, but I think I've given up 50+ drinks.... I learned a lot during this challenge.  I have come to appreciate clean water & have not felt so entitled to fancy coffee or afternoon tea drive thru.  I am thankful for what I have.  
I couldn't have done it without Jenna & Wendy....

We spent Easter at the lake with my family.  a tradition we have all come to love.
eating yummy food, watching the dogs swim in the lake, long mornings on the back patio with coffee + bible in hand looking at the lake, masters watching party, sunset cruises, easter brunch and nice walks.  

I made everyone take bluebonnet pics in between church & lunch!
aren't my sisters pretty?

yep. we are pure cheese.  
we are fun. 

traditional pic!

the dogs had SO MUCH FUN playing in the water....
and posing for the camera....

Hallie Trippet

Milly Elder

Eli Elder

now Hallie is a different breed....she loves the b-a-l-l

those are just some fun pics with the fam!

the real reason we celebrate easter is christ victory over the cross!
what a joyful day to be a follower of christ, on easter sunday. 

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