April 17, 2012


the stillness of the morning
laughing until I cry at the dinner table
good country radio as we cruise the lake
the smell of wet dog in the house

all things, gifts, I love from the Lord
at the lake

Just putting a name to them helps me be thankful for them.  
helps me to not feel bad & foolish for enjoying such things
to be thankful, joyful
"to stop time with my thanks"
to name the moments

I'm thankful for the book 1000 gifts
I'm ready to start my list
to LIVE in a state of thankfulness and joy

" life-filling gratitude – the practice of which is exercised in recording blessings, one by one"

I want to live in a spirit of thankfulness.
I want to make it a discipline to name the blessings, one by one.
to train my mind to focus on being thankful.

here goes....

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  1. i absolutely LOVE this book, i recommend it to anyone and everyone i come across. and ive read it more than once :) so excited that you are loving this book!


thanks for the love!