April 11, 2012

HOPE {through sewing machines}

I'm so proud of my husband.
We visited Pillars of Hope in Uganda on our first Visiting Orphans trip in the summer of 2011
we both loved our time with our friends there -- street kids. 
they didn't have much, but they were so full of joy.
I'll never forget the songs they sang to us that just made me cry.
blessing us.  thanking us.  welcoming us. 

Stephen hasn't stopped talking about Pillars of Hope or Pastor Godfrey since then.
it's a small ministry, one that only has a small portion of a warehouse on the side of the street, but it captured his heart.

He's been wanting to do something to help and he finally found his way.
through sewing machines.
the women make beautiful scarfs, bags and other items to raise money to support the street kids and new sewing machines will help them tremendously!

There was a Visiting Orphans team that went to Uganda to visit them recently, and this is the report they brought back.

"Thank you so much for the sewing machines and be blessed. Whoever donated the money for the sewing machines, indeed it was God who spoke to them to offer this handy donation as we are aiming at strengthening vocational skills development so as to make our children job creators and not job seekers

We were able to buy five sewing machines plus five pairs of scissors.They will be used for training our children and young widows who are very vulnerable."

Masambo Godfrey

God is good, all the time. 


  1. that's so awesome!!! love your hearts friends:)

  2. Is the little girl in the top picture named Hope? I took a mission trip to Jinja Uganda this past July and fell in love with a little girl named Hope and her sister Prossi who were involved with Pillars of Hope, I saw this picture and my heart filled with joy because I think this is her. Thank you for posting a picture of this sweet precious girl and the wonderful people of Pillars of Hope!


thanks for the love!