May 9, 2012


I am so thankful for it.
for our church family who has become our family here in Midland.
thankful for Wednesday nights with our community group.
a group that started out of a spark that God grew in our hearts to love our neighbors.  
to get out of of comfort zone and lead & love those around us, literally.
they are coming over tonight & I couldn't be more thankful. excited. 
Wednesday nights have become the highlight of my week. 

our church does an Elements service once a month where we celebrate as a church family baby dedication, baptism, communion and worship.  

this month a special friend was dedicated to the Lord.
Analisa Zachry.  

such a special time to stand up and comitt to praying for her & for her parents as they seek to raise her in a Christ centered home.  

a few nights later, I stood outside her big brothers door after spending 6+ hours with her family and listened to her mom (my bestie Allison) pray for our sweet Camp + Asher with Grayson.  I couldn't help but shed tears of joy as I heard, for the first time, what I know goes on in so many of my friends kids bedrooms at bedtime - prayers for our sweet little ones.  

can't wait for them to join our little community.
of friends that are family. 
who's family become our family
who open their hearts, their doors and their lives to us.

get ready Camp + Asher.
Midland is waiting for you! 

{the sweet Zachry family after Analisas dedication to the Lord!}

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  1. Love this. Your babies are going to be so loved. Babies. Plural. Are you used to that yet? Please tell the story already! I'm being not so patient over here ;]

    Dedications and baptisms are my favorite. I love that you do them on one specific night. We rotate them throughout our 3 services but I miss them when I am at a different service. Praying over babies and their families is so special. As well as new members of the family of Christ.


thanks for the love!