May 16, 2012

on my heart.

do you ever have one of those days?
days that are just magical.
the conversations you have, the people you encounter, the totally beautiful things you get to be a part of.
all magical

that was me today.
God is up to something in Midland.
there are babies from around the nations being brought home by their forever families right here in our small west Texas town. 
people SEEING (without knowing it most of the time!) the beautiful picture of the gospel through families bringing home their children.
it's such a beautiful picture - we were all once spiritually orphaned & God adopted us into His family and it's out of the overflow of what He's done for us that we adopt.

my friend Melissa hosted a Noonday Collection trunk show in honor of our adoption this morning at her home & it was such an amazing opportunity to share my heart with the women who came.
women who wanted to see pictures of my babies, ooed and awwed over them, and a few who told me they too were praying about adopting :)

my other good friend Holly is leaving Sunday with her family of 6 (4 bio kids!) to meet their "Big M" in Uganda.  Her friends threw her a little lunch in honor of him today and it was such a special time to love on Holly, shower M with gifts & books, and pray over her and her family.  
I mean the prayers that were prayed in that room brought many of us to tears.
stories of another friend bringing home a little one domestically & again, lots of excitement about my two.

God is moving.
He's up to something.
hearts and minds are being softened for the orphan.
and like I prayed today over Holly, these kids are becoming orphans no more.
praise Jesus!

that's all.  
just on my heart.


  1. So thankful you are in my life! Yes-God is up to something! Love you friend!!!


thanks for the love!