May 7, 2012

sewing out of poverty.

Matlida Jane & Noonday Collection work together to help Rwandan women sew their way out of poverty ;)

It was so fun to be a part of this project & get to meet them women before they started sewing school!

and always fun to see my images working to tell beautiful stories of women all over the world!

Noonday Collection & Matlida Jane gals are traveling to Rwanda May 7th-14th!
follow the Noonday Collection blog here.'

and as always, you can shop my noonday site & help us raise money to bring our two precious ones home!

AND there are a few Noonday pieces (along with other amazing items & photo sessions) in an online auction until May 15th that benefit my friend Kaya's friend Brittany in her fight againt Lyme disease.  go check it out here.  

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