June 28, 2012

camp + asher shirts PRE SELL!!!!

The camp shirts have been a huge success.  It's spread awareness, it's helped us raise money, we have lots of really awesome pictures to put into an album for him to always know how much everyone loves him & was cheering him on to come home.  But this is pretty cool.....

Fort Worth Christian cheerleaders bought camp shirts in support of our adoption for their cheer camp!!
and they got to tell our adoption story!!!! 

we have a sweet girl too & so we needed new shirts with HER name on em as well!

and something for everyone to wear to the airport party when they get home :)

we are pre-selling them now HERE.
and my friend Blair Hullender will be taking orders also--so if you are in Midland call/facebook her!
orders due July 11!!!!!!
kids and adult

Thank you for being such a blessing to us!


  1. Obsessed! :-) SO pretty! :-) SO SO excited for you friend!

  2. Just wandered over here after seeing you will be featured on Fotolanthropy. I am so very happy for the whole family. You will all be in my prayers.

  3. I would love one! I do not live in Midland though.


thanks for the love!