July 13, 2012

i live here, i love here.

{my & my boys.  David, Kedy, Eyob & Biligne}

I live here.
I live in africa.
it’s the strangest answer to the simple question I got today.
the ethiopian rain is beating down right now as I sit on my bed in Addis.
I live here.
I even have an Ethiopian phone (whhhaaa?)
God was so faithful to give me the desire of my heart.  the desire of my heart that I never even knew was a desire until Jesus put it there last year.  
when god gives us the desires of our hearts - it’s Him who puts those desirers there in the first place.
I am living amongst the people that I have come to love.
my sweet Tsion & Abenezer today told me with excitement that they are kedir & asanti (camp + asher) sisters.  and they are!  
Sweet Eyob asks me several times a day when he’s going to meet the babies.
I feel honored and blessed to count those precious children as part of our spiritual family.  and I can’t wait for camp + asher to have such a rich tie to their home country - through their ethiopian brothers and sisters.  

{me & Tsion}

{me & Eyob}

I keep telling people that “I can’t believe I’m here” and it’s true.
I can’t believe it.
I prayed and prayed for this opportunity & honestly can’t believe the boldness God gave me in asking Sumer if I could live with her family, but He did and here I am.  
I held this precious opportunity with such open hands to God, knowing that He could take it away, that I almost lost faith that He could actually do it.
but He did and I am so grateful.
He can do anything you know, far more than we could ever ask or imagine. (eph 3:20)
Psalm 104 - “the trees of the Lord are watered abundantly”  praying that over the sweet kids in Korah this summer.  that the Lord would give them life & give it abundantly! 

{me & my roomie Denae}

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