August 29, 2012

last days - part 4


I think the best part of my day today was getting to spend quality time with Eyob.
I told him a few days ago that I wanted to spend as much time as possible with him these last few days & he took it seriously.
after home visits & bible study this morning in Korah, we headed to Kaldis.
the Gibsons had some things to do at the shopping center, so while we waited I got to give him the necklace I bought for him this week.
It was totally appropriate since he gave me (and Stephen!) a necklace yesterday!
now we can always think of each other when we wear our necklaces.
and then while waiting by the van, we decided to make a few videos.
a message for Yohannes, a message for Stephen, an amharic lesson (I really wanted to voice record all the words & phrases I know in Amharic so I don’t forget when I go home...) so Eyob translated for me!  

but my favorite video was the one that started off, “hey mom”.  
how did I get so lucky? 
I really do love this boy like he were my own child & when I pray for camp + asher, I pray for their big Ethiopian brother, Eyob too. 

we also had a farewell dinner at our favorite resturant -- Korean! -- with the Gibsons and crew.
mama kiki might have almost lost it, but I had god given peace today. 
i love dinners out with kiki, roggy, zoe zoe & hannie.  
we never run out of things to laugh or talk about. 

this family has taught me more than they will ever know.
we’ve become family as we’ve been a family to a bunch of teenage boys that otherwise wouldn’t have one. 
thank you jesus! 

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